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First I would like to say that we are not professional breeders, we are just a family who fell in love with the British (English) Cream Golden Retriever.  We purchased our dog Abby as a Christmas present for our 3 young boys around Christmas of 2011 and it was the best expenditure we ever made.  The joy this beautiful fluffy dog has brought us over the past couple years is immeasurable.  I cannot imagine there are any dogs out there that show as much affection or have a better temperament than our Abby! 



All Puppies from this litter are spoken for... Thank You!

British - English Cream Golden Retrievers


Abby as Puppy

Gabriel as Puppy


Abby with her 2 day old puppies.

Gabriel wondering what kind of trouble he can get into.

Abby on Christmas morning..."somebody get me out of this box".

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